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Introduction - Spa, swimming pools and outside pools

May we introduce to you our town's most valuable treasure, the Bocskai Medicinal Water and our services! We call you to visit us, not only in the virtual world, but also in reality! Get to know us!
The employees of Bocskai Thermal Bath wish you a pleasant stay!

Opening hours:

Open every day from 9:00 to 20:00
Pool closing time: 19:30


 Address:  H-4220 Hajdúböszörmény, Uzsok square 1.
 Spa telephone: 0036 52 219 555
 E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GPS:  N 47°40,949' E 21°30,060'

 Parking is free!

Spa (Thermal pools) and swimming pool

The indoor bath of the Bocskai Spa has been at the guests' disposal since January 2007, and awaits the guests to relax and recover on an area of about 1000 m2. The complex, which is open all year round, offers a full range of services for those who wish to relax and recuperate. The iodide, bromide, bicarbonate and bicarbonate composition of Bocskai Medicinal Water is ideal for the treatment of rheumatic and arthritic diseases

  • 2 thermal pools: 32-34 °C & 36-38 °C
  • Hot thermal pool: 38-40 °C
  • Physiotherapy pool: 33-34 °C
  • Sauna dipping pool: 14-18 °C (drinking water)

In addition to the thermal pools with various experience elements (neck shower, waist massage, whirlpool), there is also a sauna (infra and Finnish), steam room and relaxation room for those who wish to renew their body and soul and enjoy natural refreshment. The indoor spa also includes an outdoor thermal pool (36-38°C).

In October 2021, we opened the coed changing room, where guests can change in the changing cabins (use of the cabins is compulsory).

A seasonal, state-of-the-art swimming pool is located next to the spa. The swimming pool with its tensioned water surface is ideal for competitions, while the teaching pool offers the opportunity to learn to swim.

  • Swimming pool: 26-27 °C
  • Learning pool: 29 °C


Water components 


Potassium: 7,6 mg
Sodium: 1260,0 mg
Ammonium: 4,6 mg
Calcium: 31,4 mg
Magnesium: 6,1 mg
Iron:  0,03 mg
Manganese:  0,03 mg
Lithium:  0,15 mg
Chloride:  1357,0 mg
Bromide:  0,54 mg
Iodide:  1,0 mg
 Fluoride:  0,9 mg
Sulfate:  15,0 mg
Hydrogene carbonate:  1530,0 mg
Sulfide:  <0,10 mg
 Phosphate:  0,18 mg
Metaboric acid:  100,0 mg
Sulfuric acid:  60,0 mg
Silicic acid:  48,0 mg


Outdoor pools

The beach is only open during the summer season.
In addition to the thermal pools with various adventure elements such as neck showers, waist massages and whirlpools, the sports pool with its stretched water mirror offers the free world of swimming, while the children's pools offer the youngest children the opportunity to play.

Water temperatures:

  • Main swimming pool: 24-26 °C
  • Kids pool: 29 °C
  • Pool with slide: 27 °C
  • Thermal pools:
    • 180 m2 32-33 °C
    • 150 m2 35-36 °C
    • 105 m2 35-38 °C


Prices - Bocskai Spa

Valid from 18th of May, 2021
The ticket prices include VAT (value-added tax)

Weekdays 9-12 o’clock adult daily ticket 1.590
Weekdays 9-12 o’clock children/student daily ticket 1.290
Weekdays adult daily ticket from 12 o’clock 1.990
Weekdays children/student daily ticket 12 o’clock 1.890
Weekends adult daily ticket 2.490
Weekends children/student daily ticket 2.190
After 5 p.m. adult ticket 1.590
Family ticket (2 adults +1 child) 5.000
   Additional children (3-14 years) 990
Sauna seance (1) 600
Sauna seance (3) 1.590
Safe deposit box. 300
Bath night 1800


Season tickets for 10 occasions, adult (valid for 3 monhts) 19.710
Season tickets for 10 occasions, children/student/pensioner (valid for 3 monhts) 17.010
Monthly ticket, adult 32.850
Monthly ticket, student/pensioner 28.350

There’s a watch access system in the Spa. You have to pay 1000 HUF deposit for the watches.
The discounts cannot be combined! With the spa ticket you can access the spa pools, sauna, steam room, pool and dressing room with lockers!




Swimming pool
Adult ticket 900 Ft 
Student/pensioner ticket 700 Ft
Sport swimming adult ticket 1000 Ft
Sport swimming student/pensioner ticket 800 Ft
Swimming cap rental 300 Ft
Season tickets for 10 occasions, adult 8100 Ft
Season tickets for 10 occasions, student/pensioner 6300 Ft
Sport swimming Season tickets for 10 occasions, adult 9000 Ft
Sport swimming Season tickets for 10 occasions, stude 7200 Ft
Monthly ticket, adult 13500 Ft
Monthly ticket, student/pensioner 10500 Ft
Sport swimming Monthly ticket, adult 15000 Ft
Sport swimming Monthly ticket, student/pensionert   12000 Ft


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